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Competition Teams

An Essentials Dance Company competitive dancer is a confident but gracious dancer with qualities such as inner strength, courage, support of others, responsibility for their own preparedness, and a multitude of other award-winning qualities that make us a very strong team. Students thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally in our competitive program. We know you will have the same positive life-enhancing, skill transforming experience when you join our team.


Essential Team

Ages 11-18


Ages 6-10

The Competitive Edge

What team members get from competing

Life Skills

- Confidence

- Teamwork

- Perform Under Pressure

- Discipline

- Strong Work Ethic

- Perseverance

- Body Awareness

- Endurance

- Conflict Resolution Skills

- Time Management 

- Communication Skills


- Lifetime Friendships

- Team Camaraderie

- Support System

- 'Big-Sister' Mentor Program

The 'Big-Sister' Mentor Program is a program meant to strengthen the team bonds and nurture dancers through new experiences, providing support, love, and a strong foundation as dancers navigate rehearsals, performances, competitions, and conventions.


- Celebrity Conventions

- Dancerpalooza

- Nuvo Breakout Artist

Nuvo Convention

- Streetz Convention

- Streetz Company

- Broadway Dance Center

- Steps on Broadway

- Edge Performing Arts Center

- Scholarships to train in LA, New York City, London

and more...


Celebrity Dance Nationals       Highest Score Overall

8 National Talent -   Choreographer of the Year

- Fire and Ice - Highest             Scoring Solo and Group Dance 

- Outstanding Technique

- Most Entertaining

Judges Choice Awards

The competitive company trains in every style of dance with a focus on a strong foundation of technique. Company dancers receive training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and musical theater. Additionally, they receive extensive flexibility training and specialized classes for pirouettes, leaps, battements, tumbling, conditioning, etc. 

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