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Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life

We believe the best dancers are cultivated through both creative opportunities and in precise, alignment-based technical training. Our facility and curriculum give students the opportunity to grow in their creativity and dance abilities, and work to aid in injury prevention through the modalities of exercise science conditioning, state of the art sprung flooring, myofascial release techniques, and by exposing students to an array of dance styles, yoga, and pilates.

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Classical ballet is the foundation for all dance forms.  In ballet students will gain grace, poise, & confidence as they strive to perfect classical ballet technique through imagery, repetition, and positive guidance.


Pointe work is for intermediate and advanced students who have developed the muscle strength and control to prepare them to perform ballet technique on pointe shoes. Dancers must be at least 11 years old for this class.


Jazz dance is a technique class, which develops rhythm, strength, and coordination while focusing on proper technique for pirouettes, leaps, jumps, and battements as well as exploring rhythm through many different progressions, combinations, and fun upbeat choreography performed to popular music.


Contemporary is the most emotion-based form of dance in which the dancer uses many dance styles and techniques as well as the mind, body, and spirit connection to express the story and emotions of a piece of music.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy class, which is fun for all! It develops strength, endurance, rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture, and performance all while teaching the latest choreography seen in movies, tv, and music videos. Hip-Hop dance encompasses many of the classical dance styles but is presented in a street or non-traditional format. Though hip-hop is usually high energy, some classes are now taught to use more isolation techniques.  The goal of this class is to provide a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude.


Tap dancing is distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. This class teaches the necessary tap techniques, helps dancers find a rhythm, and gives opportunities to be creative through movements and sounds. 

Technique Fundamentals

This class is the foundation of our curriculum. Technique and body awareness fundamentals focusing on core stabilization, proper usage of feet and ankles, and shoulder mobility and stabilization are explored to allow each dancer to find proper alignment in their own bodies. 


This class will establish proper alignment for secure consistent balance, proper use, placement, and strength of relevé, as well as engagement of port de bras and expansion through the upper back for support and placement of the arms and shoulders.  Students will receive information on spotting and drills to increase from 1/4 turns to multiple pirouettes. An emphasis will be placed on the timing of the initiation of the pirouette. 

Flexibility Training

Increasing flexibility involves a balance of relaxing and engaging muscle groups while maintaining proper alignment. This class will engage the students in the proper placement for each stretch as well as how to successfully go deeper into each stretch. Partners are utilized for PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching. Students are guided through safely working with other dancers to find more range of motion in their bodies.

Improv Technique

Improv can be daunting to dancers of all levels. This class will cover creative thinking to encourage each dancer’s natural movement patterns while growing their repertoire by expanding their thoughts about movement. Students will delve into imaginative scenarios, opposition work including high/low, fast/slow, light/heavy, as well as contact and negative space improv. An emphasis will be placed on musicality and how the music can be explored to affect movement.

Musical Theater

While this style is often consistent with the style of dance performed in broadway shows it can be expanded out of that box to include acting within dance training.  Our program facilitates a variety of fun broadway and non-broadway steps and music to create the most versatile experience for our performance loving dancers.

Confetti on the Dance Floor

Confetti on the dance floor is an accredited dance education program guaranteed to provide your dancer with the dance class of every little girls’ dreams. Dancers who choose these fun and fanciful dance classes will be engulfed in a world of merriment during every dance experience at Essentials Dance Company. Students will receive an educational activity book that will be utilized in class all year long, a twirl ribbon of excellence, a graduation certificate at the end of the year, and our positive affirmation wow cards for an exceptional job well done.  This program is used in classes for ages 3-6.

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