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Delaney Keck


Delaney is an old soul and has trained at Essentials for 15 years, teacher training under the direction of Scarlet Ryals for the last 7 years. She knows the EDC curriculum inside and out and expresses her instructions through repetition, precise explanation, and her fun-loving and caring personality. She believes in hard work, dedication, and determination as she sees how far these attributes have gotten her in her career. She passes on these wonderful qualities to her students as she dances and tumbles full out with every class.


Delaney Keck soared to the top of her game in both competitive dance and gymnastics when she began training 15 years ago. She was a home-schooled athlete who devoted all of her time outside of church, school, and family to training. Her list of accomplishments in both gymnastics and dance are astounding. During her gymnastics career, she qualified for Level 10 Nationals five times where she placed top 6 on the balance beam, helped her team place second, and had the prestigious honor of creating and completing a skill that was then named after her in the gymnastics Code of Points. She is also a two time National Dance Top Soloist and has received at least 25 top regional soloist awards.


Currently, Delaney attends New York University where she is majoring in Media, Culture, and Communications and is continuing her dance training through the many opportunities in the city. She has remained connected to Essentials, teaching and helping at the studio whenever she is in Memphis and cheering on the team from afar. Delaney loves to be a part of passing on her passion to the next generation.  

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