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Our Mission

Creativity takes courage, but behind every performer is a beginner who fell in love with expression, storytelling, and being set free.

Our mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of each individual student through dance with our positive and nurturing learning environment, attention to detail in every aspect of our training, and insightful choreography. 


The value of our training is in the pursuit of wholeness. We believe it is in the belonging to something bigger than ourselves that humans, especially tiny humans, can find themselves. Our teams become families of support, encouragement, nurturing, and growth. We transform young spirits into thriving young adults through dance.


One of our favorite quotes is "tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I’ll learn." It is the involvement that is ESSENTIAL. Our students helped build the dance floor, hang the mirrors, produce the newsletters, paint the props, and a multitude of behind the scenes job. Even our tiniest dancers are given choreography opportunities and responsibilities for their own growth. 

As teachers, we strive to see what a student may not yet see in themself, to see difference as an asset not a liability, to know that most students just need proper information and guidance to succeed, and to understand every dancer has their own rate of progression and timeline of growth.

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