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Lauren Teague


Lauren began her early career in competitive gymnastics spending the last 5 years training under the technique transformation pedagogy curriculum. She has out of the box ideas and visions for choreography and music and is extraordinary at costume design as well. She is a hard worker and positive energy in the classroom. Not only does she understand the nuances of technique, but has a great ear for music. She is able to communicate the subtleties of how the steps should be placed musically and which should be fast or slow and sharp or smooth. She has a very good eye for detail and is great at spotting and communicating very specific corrections in other dancers, and from honing that skill, she has been able to apply those corrections to her own dancing. 


Ms. Lauren’s multifaceted intelligence combined with creativity allows her to thrive in dance and dance education. She has a knack for communicating on each dancer's level and keeping their attention while making dance fun and exciting.

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